​It takes a lot of time, money and efforts to develop a product. But to make it reach the right audience, marketing needs to be on point. Choosing the right marketing tools and techniques to showcase the value of products or services is the right way to induce customers.

If you are promoting your product or service on digital platforms, you must know about Animation. It is becoming a trend on Digital Marketing Platforms.

The animation is an attractive way to make a movie using still images. Still, images are placed one after the other and combined to play at a fast speed to give the movement of the static picture and also, highlights a brief story. Animators are now more in demand as the industry is booming and rising to glory.

Incorporating Animation as one of your marketing tools can definitely help engage the audience. Yes, it’s true that making animated videos is a tedious job and success of the video isn’t assured but trying different ideas and approaches will definitely make you go viral.

Below are some Benefits of using Animation in your marketing Videos:

1. The visual depiction of Ideas:
Animated videos can be made to give a clearer picture of your ideation to the audience. The value of the product you want to highlight will give a clearer picture and will surely be worth the efforts.

2. Educate, Inspire or play psychologically:
An animated video can be about how the brand evolved, what is the vision of the brand, or may tell a story about the brand or just an emotional one to connect with the audience. Or it could just be about what is the brand all about.

3. The rise in SEO:
Your website’s Search Engine status will increase due to animated videos. People prefer visuals over text which will help receive backlinks.

4. Easy to comprehend:
Animations are easy to understand and catchy to the eyes. Whiteboard animation style or 2d animation style gives a clear picture of your brand, its ideology or even its product.

5. Brand Development:
Animated video makes you incorporate logos, colour schemes and brand image smoothly. This helps you build recurrent themes and brand icons through animation.

So next time before you think of choosing powerful music for your Video, keep the above points in mind to engage more audience and yield greater output of the product or service being marketed.

If you are thinking of getting into the digital world to market your product, one must keep animation and its pros in mind. And if you are already in online marketing and haven’t used animation, you need to keep up with the trend!

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Divya Tandon
Creative Associate


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