How to attract the right audience with film

Do you like to watch ads? Or if we ask, which of the recent ad film you liked the most? It's hard to remember, right? Where certain ad films tend to leave an impression on audiences mind and some hardly do, all depending on creativity. These days, the marketing business is flourishing in huge amount. Due to overexposed products, audiences find it hard to connect. This is why; there is a big need for creating effective ad films that can provide the right impact of the brands. Thus, helping them to reach out to millennial.

Behind the making of every ad film, there happens to be a huge amount of hard work. Starting from strategizing to conceptualization, scripting to budgeting and then casting to the final shoot. These aspects are important to create an impactful ad film and require a professional touch to make the best out of it. Needless to say, an advertising agency makes ad film to not only to provide a marketing strategy but also brings out a life of the product, connecting to the audience.

Keeping everything in mind about the hard work, here we discuss the basics required to make an ad film.

1. Creating Intriguing Content

Before making an ad film, we must know about the product and its targeting audience. So that the content created is impactful and intriguing. Depending on the product, we can create many contents for the audience. But the content which is connecting to the audience is what sells the product. Content could be based on different tonality like humour, seriousness, clever or emotional build on sentiments. We should always keep one thing in mind while creating content, that it shouldn't hurt anyone’s sentiments and understand the censorship values of advertising.

2. Creating Precise Storyboard

Just after writing the content or script, it's time to step into creating a storyboard. We see tv commercials have a very short period for telling a story. Understanding, that the time of portrayal of the product is very limited. So, to compensate and portray the essential visuals depicting the product is done by creating a storyboard. Storyboard comprises of the shots that will be used while shooting. It represents the only shots that are required enough to portray about the product or the story built around.

3. Planning and Shooting

Planning is very necessary before going into the floor for shooting the film. To make an ad film, there are lots of money involved, funded by the clients. So, to not discourage their confidence in a particular advertising company. We must understand every aspect of the concept before the shoot. Planning is the most essential form of shooting any film or an ad film. We have to keep everything orderly like time, location, resources, types of equipment etc. So that we don’t waste any of these aspects during the time of the shooting. The primary goal here is to complete every task on the set with the given budget, time and place.

4. Post-production - aligning to the concept

After the shooting is done, all the footages are edited accordingly with the storyboard provided earlier. The editor and the director of the ad film sit together on the editing table and creates the ad film, which was conceptualized at the very first place. Post-production includes from editing to sound and colour for the right tonality. Every element in this stage is necessary to perfect the creators and clients vision to give the right impression to the product.

5. Publishing to the right Target Audience

When the final cut of the ad film is done. It’s time to publish to the right audience. It’s about the product that decides for which audience this ad film is for. There are many platforms where an ad film is published. In, earlier days it used to be only in Television but now as the technology is developing new platforms like youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, facebook etc are arising, which gives a great promotion to the brand and the product.

In the making of an ad film, it requires an ample amount of money and a good amount of creative people to do justice to the vision and the concept. It is efficiently teamwork from pre-production to post-production to give a perfect image of the brand or product to the consumers.

Hirdeep Rajkhowa
Creative Associate

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