1. Determine the role of Music:

The background music must be chosen either to support or drive the message. The background music shouldn’t be too impactful as it will distract the audience from the significant message to be conveyed.

If the video has a technical message, supportive underscore music must be chosen. On the other hand, broad concepts must be coupled with music that induces emotion.

If music was a person it would have been the most Influential Soul of all times.
Makes sense?

Happy. Sad. Tensed. Nostalgic. Lonely. Lively. Motivated. Devotional. Even Psychedelic. We have music for all moods and it also has the power to change your mood.

​ Music is quintessential to highlight the video’s tone and to bring out the essence of the video. Having said that, here are the points for the perfect background music for your video.

2. Use Bookends:
Video Bookends is music or sound design, featured in the opening and/ or closing sections of your video. Bookends help keep the tone and message intact and engage the audience. Or, we can simply put up the volume at points to be emphasized.

3. Reference Music:
Having a reference to music in mind can help you find the right track for your marketing video. Your search results show you tracks close to the reference music. It will help give the creative brief a clear picture of the tonality.

4. Align with the audience:
The target audience plays a significant role in deciding the background music. Catering niche audience requires music that they would find appealing. For reaching the masses, the music chosen must be widely accessible across different age brackets.

5. Frequency Range of the Instruments:
Complex melodies played on instruments like guitar, cello, viola and keyboard instruments use same notes and tones as the human voice. The chart below shows how frequency and instrumentation influence moods.

6. Pacing:
Choose a consistent rhythm track aligned with your audience. Sometimes to highlight an image or message being delivered, put off the music to emphasize on that moment and then turn it back on. Be cautious, technically, otherwise, the message won’t create a powerful impact.

7. Budget:
Great if you don’t have a budget constraint or are high on budget. But need not worry if your pocket is not ready for that hole. There are other ways to get great music.

Hiring a composer to create an original track for the marketing video would be the ideal way to produce high engagements. But if you can’t afford a composer, you must search the library music like stock music, needle drop etc. You will be able to find quality production music at inexpensive rates.

So next time before you think of choosing powerful music for your Video, keep the above points in mind to engage more audience and yield greater output of the product or service being marketed.

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