Essentials of Video Production.

Over the decade, online video advertisements have gone up by a mind-boggling 64%, showing no sign of slowing down. Companies are showing interest in video production to market their products or services. Google now delivers results that include video. Facebook prominently shows video content over other content. Twitter being one step ahead provides us with the feature to reply with a video message.

You need guidelines on what you should DO and what you should NOT before, while and after Video Production. Below are some of the essential points you need to keep in mind.

1. Apt Lighting

The subjects must be well lit in accordance to produce a high quality video. Even if you have a high-quality camera and the lighting isn’t apt the output produced will be a flop show.

2. Audible:
The video must have high and proper sound quality to support the visual. If the audio isn’t up to the mark, it will affect the impact.

3. Shaky shots:
Shaky shots will be a turn off for the viewers. Use a Tripod and other stabilization techniques.

4. Planning:
The blueprint of how things will go about should be pre-planned. Pre-Production steps will help produce a good video eventually.

5. Organized:
Create a system of organization for the footage. Naming the raw files will make it easy to identify during the edit session.

6. Backup:
Dedicate a Hard Drive to multiple copies of raw footage and edits. This will help you in case of any file lost mistakenly.

7. Emphasis on Visuals:
Scripts are just to support the visuals. Visuals are more attractive and remembered to the brain easily.

8. Target Audience:
The video must be made in accordance with what the customer will get attracted to. This is the main objective of our video production.

9. Strong storytelling:
The mission of any video is to put across the story, the essence of the video.

10. Varied Shots:

Prefer using a variety of shots. Use shots that portray motion rather than static shots. It adds to your video and keeps the audience captivated.

And most importantly, handle your equipment with care, they are expensive!

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Divya Tandon
Creative Associate


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