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Filming on an iPhone.

Thinking of shooting a video? Does a camera pop in your mind? Well, if you own an iPhone you mustn’t need anything else, as long as you use it the right way. We are here to tell you how you can shoot stunning videos from your iPhone without the big, heavy, fancy cameras. All you need is to remember some tricks.

Apple introduced video recording with its iPhone 3Gs. The latest models can shoot amazing 4K footage, but you need to understand each setting and what it controls to take full advantage of your iPhone.

Following tips can help you get the most of your iPhone’s Camera and your money too.

1. Use a Tripod
Always use a tripod. Tripods help you avoid capturing shaky, distorted or blurred videos. If you don’t have a tripod, use both your hands to hold your camera close to your body. A chair, table or even a desk can be used to rest your iPhone for better quality.

2. Lighting
Before shooting keep in mind the lighting on the subject and the background. Dull lighting may not highlight the subject properly also, too much lighting can spoil the image quality. Bright lit areas are the best to shoot for uber quality videos. If you still can’t get hold of apt lighting, touch focusing can help you provide focus on your subject using back-lighting and white balance settings.

3. Audio
matters A good video with poor sound quality is of no use as the essence of the video gets lost. Noises like the sound of the wind, a phone ringing, murmuring sounds can disrupt the quality of the video. Try to shoot indoors to avoid any noise. To avoid noise, you can also add a song track or dubbed recording to the video to enhance your video.

4. Digital Zoom
It’s a bad idea to use the iPhone Digital Zoom unless you have a dual-lens camera phone. Since the lens doesn’t zoom optically, you are just enlarging the picture digitally causing unwanted pixelation.

5. Exposure Lock
An iPhone automatically focuses and exposes your shot. This is a great function if you are taking quick photos. But while shooting a video where the focus remains on the subject, it can become little complicated. To avoid this situation, use the exposure focus lock. This will help you keep the exposure constant throughout the video.

6. Slow-motion and time-lapse
Slow-mo is a great feature of the iPhone which can capture amazing videos but we need to make sure that it is used for the right purpose. A video of someone diving into the pool in slo-mo can come out great, as there is one action that needs to be emphasized upon. A person talking to the camera, if shot in slo-mo won’t be good and the essence will completely be lost.

7. Editing
Once you finish shooting, it’s time to edit the video and its clippings. There are some editing apps available for iPhone but editing on the computer is any day a better idea. If you haven’t edited a video ever, you better start now. It will add aesthetics to your video. Free Tools like iMovie has made editing easier to learn and apply. Go ahead, take your sleek silvery gadget, and get the camera rolling!!

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