Four questions a start-up should answer with audio-visual communication

The importance of audio-visual for a new brand in the market

If you are new in any market, there are obstacles from the go, that make it difficult for you to find that needle in the haystack that can help you stitch up the best image for your brand.
And between ‘viral-able AVs’ and ‘disruptive content directions,’ it is always easy to lose track of your core message that you need to deliver to your TG.
That is a mistake most start-ups can’t afford to make.

Here are a few basic questions you need to answer with your AVs as a new name in the game.


For any new brand, it is always a challenge to communicate their identity to any target group. And while brand behaviour is only established through time, multiple channels and prolonged exposure, for them to know what you are all about, the easiest way is one good audio-visual that helps build a brand recall and an image that they will build upon in the future.
From inner company functioning, people, staff, products, brand story and what not- the best way to communicate all this information in a compact way is through video.

If you have a good story, they will invest in your persona.


What anyone who is anything in the advertising industry will tell you about films is that they are impactful. And the impact goes a long way when we are talking business.
Films help communicate the spirit of belonging and the trust that the company, as well as the employees, share with each other; to the employees of the establishment. These kinds of ‘corporate videos’ help the team do better and build healthy relationships inside the company. On the outside, the same values, while communicated through film, inculcate in your audience a sense of brand identity that is relatable and dynamic.

Roar like the lion and the world will listen.


For any new-born brand in the market, penetrating a domain is essential and it can be done through video ads. Disruptive campaigns, emotional videos- the sky is the limit. After all, it is better to make a first impression via stimulation of all the senses of your audience. Print and other forms of ads make an impact. But something relatable and good that makes you see, listen, hear and feel, provides you a holistic brand experience that can last a lifetime.

Put on the gloves and tell them why you entered the ring.


Whether it is explainer videos or disruptive campaigns- every brand must move from phase one to two; and that is, from brand building and market penetration to ROI.
Video ads that sell not just a product, but an experience along with it, is the best kind of communication you can have with your target group. Videos that are focused on telling the audience about your products/services and how you ‘fit into their lives perfectly,’ help you skyrocket your brand sales and product circulation like nothing else.

Even Adam and Eve could not resist the .

Image result for apple

To sum it up, communication via video ads is something that is recommended for every start-up to grow. But without a clear idea about what core idea of the above four elements you want to focus on, resources put into efforts can fail to bear ripe fruit. But if you walk on a straight line with your eye on the current goal, it is possible for you to capture the hearts and minds of people via this beautiful, descriptive communication medium; one that is exponentially becoming accessible in this digital age.

After all, when was the last time you saw someone without a smartphone?

Our single-minded focus is on boosting your business through the kind of video advertising that fits your brand.

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