In a world where the majority of people have smartphones and/or personal computers, multimedia content holds a lot of power. Audio-visual content can help your business in a lot of ways. It can contribute to oil the inner cogwheels of the company by making the information transferring process quicker and efficient. Additionally, it can help you penetrate the market and be heard by countless consumers via marketing strategies.

Let's deep dive into what audio-visual is, and how it can help the company from the outside, and from the inside.

Audiovisual Content

In a nutshell, Audiovisual (AV) is a medium of presentation that takes information and delivers it to the intended person/group in a format that uses both visual and audio elements. This is done by adding audio to text/video/graphical elements as processing both sound and a visual component simultaneously makes us grasp the information quicker as compared to just reading it.
Take an advertisement, for example. Or a slide show presentation in a conference hall.
“Retention of information three days after a meeting or other event is six times greater when information is presented by visual and oral means than when the information is presented by the spoken word alone.”

(from 'Executive Thinking: From Brightness to Brilliance' By Morris Graham)

From the outside

Audiovisual content helps you put your point across quicker to the intended group of people you are advertising a product/service to. If you know what you are doing, you can create content that highlights what you have to offer and is interesting enough for people to go through all of it.

It is a very powerful tool in branding when you want to put across what you are as a company without taking much of the consumer's time.

Audiovisual helps in generating sales and awareness through digital marketing. It can grow your business by creating hype and it can make sales by generating interest in what you have to offer. It is a very powerful advertising tool.

From the inside

Live trainers and prerecorded voices help trainees understand the inner functions of a company faster. If a point is not clear, a trainee can always rewind/ask the live trainer about it. It is a better way to train someone than handing them a 300-page booklet. Audiovisual content is a powerful training tool.

Auditory aid during group presentations helps make things interesting and easy to understand. Conferences and crunching numbers can become an annoying and lengthy process. After all, most of us have experienced losing focus in a presentation that only involved printed handouts or taking notes. Audiovisual content (pie charts with commentary, videos, slide shows with narration, etc.) helps keep things to the point and straightforward. It saves a lot of time.

In addition to improving the in-house business communications of a company, Audiovisual presentations are perfect for presenting an idea/plan to someone outside the enterprise as a collaboration/investment pitch. Not only does it deliver information quickly, but it also saves the time of your client and keeps things minimalistic (yet rich in data).

Tools of information transfer have evolved from print to audio and from videos to 3-D content. For any business, it is wise to stay updated with the latest methods and to use these tools for maximum efficiency. Being creative and saving time are two most important rules for any business to keep growing. AV can help your business prosper in the market while improving the inner functions at the same time.

It doesn't matter if you are a startup or a well-established company. AV is always something worth investing time, money and effort in.

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Ashutosh Pundir
Creative Associate


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