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How the trend of video marketing will shape businesses around the world

What is the first thing that comes into your head when I say ‘advertisement?’
If you are in the age bracket of ‘just got my wisdom teeth’ to ‘yes, I am starting to get bald,’ it is most certainly a video.

This is the power of visual media. Instant recall. And while print Ads- the second most popular advertising media does stimulate your brain with the visual approach, nothing beats the comprehensive stimulation of a video.

With the ever-rising trend of video advertising, the approach businesses take towards communication has changed drastically, much like how people predict the applications for artificial intelligence will, in the technology domain.

And while this will not turn into a world-ending, terminators running around shooting guns situation, some things will change in the next couple of decades, if not sooner.
Let’s dive into this sneak-peak of future, orchestrated upon logic more than anything else, really.


With a great demand for video content in the market, comes a supply of advertisements. And with that, comes strategy, else no one will really be interested in your video content- something that big companies won’t let happen.
In the near future, almost every big brand will have a director or vice-president employed just for video strategy, as video will be the bulk of all communication media.
If something needs to be done, why not do it dedicatedly?

Enter, the new age of television

As far as we think we have come as data consumers, our basics really haven’t changed in the last 100 years or so. With online streaming services completely eradicating the need for that big, round screen and a dish attached to your roof, internet will replace television, with video taking over not just your soap opera time, but also your book-reading time, research habits, and more.
Why have a treasure chest for three things when you can have a matchbox for hundred?

Meet companies (cum media houses)

With the spike in video-production needs, long-term contracts with media houses will become a trend as for any brand, maximizing on resource means expansion of the resource pool. The last time a trend like that hit the market was the branding/graphics/’a cocktail of aesthetics’ trend, and now, you can find in-house designing teams in almost every big brand that has the commercials to pull it off.
However, instead of in-house teams, brands will focus more and more on collaborating with experts on every project possible, as the competitive market will be ruthless and consumers, impatient. The solution? Expertise.
Why dig a well in your basement when you can easily go to your nearest expert and get assured quality?

Brace for ‘videocom’

As we are talking about the future, it is almost obvious how video communication is bound to take over numerous traditional things that have been there for decades now. Examples? Video resumes. Video newsletters. Video press releases. The upper cap can go to infinity on this- however, these are a few things that will most definitely change.
Statistics have shown that ever since the dawn of short-video-bursts, the accumulative patience of the population has gone down.

No more starting off your resume with ‘my goal is to work dedicatedly and holistically in an esteemed organization of the highest degree so I can ascend the current state of the market by reforming, revolutionizing, re-creating and reinventing the field under the tutelage of my supremely esteemed mentors as I grow vertically and horizontally along with and alongside the esteemed organization like a blooming, fragrant flower with shining petals that rise with the sun and look to the sky in hopes of a better tomorrow.’
No one will have the patience for that wit.

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