Mobile Advertising-
Your Brand In Everyone’s Pocket

Converting everyone with a smartphone into a lead for your business

With the advent of content sharing and portal access, reaching out to people who have their cell phones at arm’s reach has become a phenomenon every business is trying to cash in on.

After all, when was the last time you saw someone without a smartphone at their backing call every time they needed information about a service?

Or to inquire about a product?

Brand communication has become a whole different ball game in the last ten years- and as of now, effective mobile marketing has become a need for brands to reach out to their audience and build affinity.

While dealing with the huge potential of reaching to ‘everyone with a phone,’ a blend of experiment and strategy is needed to find the right fit of target groups for your business, and to maximize ROI.

Keeping the technicalities aside, mobile marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It is reaching out to people’s pockets through the internet, and to make them realize how your brand can fit into their lifestyle, with the USP being the ability of leads being converted from people scrolling through their phones while they’re bored at work, to while they’re on their way home, to while they’re half-asleep-half-awake at 1am, scrolling through their social media feeds.

In this article, we will have a quick look at the ‘how’ of the matter, keeping things as simple as they can be.

Find your audience

Mobile marketing is all about generating leads and directing them to your business at the push of a button.

But that is not going to happen unless you don’t know your target group.

While starting out, market yourself to different groups, based on demographics, psychographics and more. Sky is the limit here, and you better shoot for the moon, not thinking twice.

Experiment with the content you have and find the best groups that respond to your banners, ads and more via cell phones. Once you have an audience that has started to respond to your marketing material, the real work starts.

Make them aware of what you have to offer

With such a huge potential for your business with an audience that is growing every day, brand awareness needs to be implemented strategically. That’s where content comes in. You will need to establish good communication with your audience before starting to broaden that base.

The reason behind this is simple. There are a lot of brands trying to communicate with the audience. And in such a situation where accessibility meets ‘noise,’ having a strong audience base is important.

Give them something relevant

Now, comes the content. The gist of the marketing that you have to offer to them as a soft pitch. With mobile usage, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while creating and serving content. The most important things can be boiled down to their essentials and constructed into a phrase.

Quick, relevant bites of data fed with a silver spoon.

From banners to videos- your content needs to be something that this ‘short attention-span mobile audience’ can connect to at a glance. When it comes to creatives, use of copy and colour codes need to be ‘no-frill’ and a bit straightforward. Same approach goes for the video content as well. And while short length is not always important, you will need to remember that most of the content you are going to serve should be like an elevator pitch with something that they can connect with- an emotion, a feeling, a need, a longing. That’s what effective mobile marketing content strategy is all about.

Give them something responsive

Now comes the nail in the coffin. The pact with the minister. The shot in the barrel. Your audience, once they have started to generate affinity towards your brand, will need something more than just content served on a plate.

They will need the address to the kitchen.

That’s where mobile apps and websites come into play. To stand out from the crowd (and to make things convenient for mobile users as they try to look you up on a 5-inch screen post deciding to take 2 minutes from their life), you will require something that resembles a living, breathing, friendly identity. From apps to websites, things should be kept hassle-free for the users to operate so they can walk through the corridor collecting all the information needed to knock on your door.

Ashutosh Pundir
Creative Associate


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