Why Promotional Videos Have The Highest Engagement Rates

The art of creating first impressions of the brand via promotional videos


We have all been exposed to them since we were kids. In one way, form, or another, advertisements have always been a part of our lives.
With new and new marketing tactics taking over the consumer space, we have all sorts of video advertisements today that push or pull the consumers towards brands. But if you are a new brand in the market, you have no choice but to build up your marketing content in a way that allows you maximum reach and ROI in minimum budget.
Enter, promotional advertising.


Starting off with the obvious, we have always seen content on TV, pamphlets, back of our favorite books and in newspaper sections that informed us about a service or a product. From a certain washing powder that can get rid of all the nasty stains from your favorite white shirt to a toy you must have if you are a cool kid- the list goes on and on. The extensions of these ‘promotions’ and ‘informational chunks of content’ can be seen on numerous media sources that we have access to. Radio, print, TV, things we surf on while on the internet, you name it!

That is something which has made us feel okay about listening. And this is important.

If someone would knock on your door at 10 in the night and start telling you about the revolutionary new product that will change your life, you will be aggravated.
However, ads for the same on TV while you are having dinner and watching your favorite talk show are okay. You might even actually like some of those.

The difference between these two scenarios is simple- comfort.


While consuming data, we need to be in a comfortable space for our brain to absorb it properly. There are too many things we see, hear of feel in our everyday life that just ends up becoming ‘clutter’ or ‘junk’ for the brain. Ignoring things that we didn’t ask for- like content from people and companies we do not know, can be very easy- even preferable in some cases. It is only when we are in a ‘comfortable’ headspace that we can actually try to see past the ‘tactic’ and into the ‘purpose.’
That is why a friend telling you about this awesome new T-shirt he saw in a store that will look awesome on you makes you want to try it out.

A recommendation.

A suggestion.

Mixed with something you can relate to, and dipped in a certain emotion you can be involved in, that is what good promotional advertising is all about.
And that is the difference between someone reaching out to you after seeing your ad, or just mumbling “hmm..nice ad” and flipping the channel.
Promotional videos are the best way to introduce someone to your brand or service. And if done the right way, it is the difference between a sale and a failure. Considering the above things about headspace and on the theory of ‘comfort,’ breaking down why promotional advertisements have the highest engagement rates is simple.


In a hindsight, all good promotional campaigns have had one of the two approaches. And at the end of them, is one thing above all else- relatability.
One approach is a straightforward one. A bold one. A disruptive one. These kinds of promotional videos like to break the ‘clutter’ that we talked about earlier and present the information to you in a way no one else is doing at the moment. This, in turn, generates in you a sense of curiosity towards the brand.

This kind of brand communication is based on the fact that for a consumer, it is very easy to skip your content and go away. Or to sit through just another brick in the wall, and do not have any recall for the whole wall at the end of the day.

Crisp and unique, these kinds of promotional videos usually present the content to them by keeping things minimalistic. The ad can have a script that directly talks about the brand in a funny presentation format. It cannot talk about the brand at all but can be a film that tells a short story and then gives you the brand name in the end for you to remember and research.
So instead of someone knocking on your door at 10 at night, you go to work the next day, meet someone in the elevator who tells you ‘hey, nice shoes! You might want to get XYZ-polish for that. Works perfectly.’ Even if you do not know that person, you will respond to the compliment, getting into a comfortable headspace, which will make it easy for you to remember the name of the polish the guy suggested.

The lift reaches your floor and you get out.

That is a tactic that is being used by many brands as promotional campaigns and it works because it’s straightforward, does not waste time, and delivers the information in a digestible format, still leaving you craving for more.

The second reason promotional videos have the highest engagement rates is the approach of ‘relatability.’

When we talk about good promotional advertising being a ‘suggestion’ instead of a ‘forced opinion,’ we talk about the ad being done in a certain format. The format includes something the consumer can relate to- a character. A place. A value. An emotion.

The storytelling element of these videos revolves around that.

Once you can relate to something, the content becomes easy to digest. In the middle of something that is ‘funny,’ ‘interesting,’ ‘new,’ or ‘emotional,’ the sales pitch becomes a friend’s suggestion. So much so, that you want other people to see the ad because of its relatable nature.

And with every share you put into the mix, the brand message keeps traveling. From phone to phone. From laptop to laptop.

From city to city.

Hence, the viralability of these promotional video ad campaigns.

Getting into the minds of your consumer is easy. If you know the theory, follow the thesis and apply a good tactic to the mix. As long as there is a need in the market for a product/service, there will always be more and more suppliers to plug the hole. And with every new company that comes in the market, the market only keeps getting better and better. Know these basics and you can tap into the market in a sustainable way, making the absolute best out of your budgets.

Our single-minded focus is on boosting your business through the kind of video advertising that fits your brand.


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